We could do a lot worse…

When I set up this blog, I did so with the intention of promoting classical liberalism and not with the intention of endorsing any political party. Unfortunately, my primary motivation for writing, as it has turned out, is anger. As such, I usually only work up the motivation to write something when someone on the Left advocates something stupid. So while I haven’t endorsed anyone on the Right, I have frequently dis-endorsed those on the Left.

This is no doubt partly reflective of my various personality flaws, but it’s also because there are simply no classically liberal parties in Parliament. ACT, who could be, have yet to shed their socially conservative element, as was made all too clear during the debacle that followed Brash’s tentative suggestion to maybe decriminalise cannabis a little bit at some point. Maybe.

So, I shall cleave to my original purpose and refrain from giving a positive endorsement to any one party in this election. I will be voting, however.

I stand firmly behind my dis-endorsement of all parties on the Left. Labour under Phil Goff has veered wildly toward its Old Labour, unionist roots. This, combined with the fact that any Labour-led government oozing forth from this election would include a substantial Green contingent, would make it the most statist, interventionist, heavy-handed meddlesome government since Muldoon. Not since McGillicuddy Serious has anyone proposed so great a leap backward as would be visited upon us by Goff and his five-headed chimera.

While some of their policies have merit, taken as a whole, particularly as a coalition, a left-wing coalition would be economically ruinous.

While the current government have not shown the flinty, reformist zeal of Roger Douglas or Ruth Richardson, they have demonstrated a willingness to incur some political risk to advance an economically liberal agenda. This is the first government in New Zealand history I am aware of that has passed a zero budget in election year. And starved of the oxygen that the proposed partial sell off of the state-power companies has provided, it’s hard to believe that the Left’s campaign would have got the legs it has done.

When you vote this weekend, I urge you to use your vote to keep the current government in power. They’re not classical liberals, but they’re a bloody sight better than the alternative.


9 comments on “We could do a lot worse…

  1. Redbaiter says:

    What about principle?

    Typical fake poseur.

    Of the kind that frequently self identifies as a “classical liberal”.

    Really just a classical hypocrite.

  2. Redbaiter says:

    “Balancing principle with pragmatism is a challenge.”

    Is it really?

    Here you are frequently lecturing us all on the virtues of political purity, but when it comes down to the crunch, you’re seen lining up with all of the other dissemblers to recommend voting for a party that has made itself popular by means of its utter brazen betrayal of its declared principles.

    Principles that are pretty close to the tenets of the “classical liberalism” you profess to hold dear.

    It doesn’t work mate, no matter what waffling academic smoke screen you attempt to apply.

  3. Tradition says:

    Classical Liberal is a substitute for prostituting whore.

  4. Tradition says:

    Actually, I should say: a Classical Liberal substitutes culture and cultivation for the theology of the free market.

    • If your assertion is that I think people should live their lives as they see fit so long as they do no harm to others, however distasteful their life choices may be to others, then you got me. Otherwise you’ll need to be more specific.

      • Tradition says:

        Hence why “equal representation” cannot work in either theory or practice. Moral relativism exacerbates conflicting social and political values to the point whereat highly organized anarchy becomes an imperative — the very nature of parliamentarian party politics.

        Just look at the French Terror of 1789 — the so-called glorious struggle against the privileged theocrats of the ancien regime. Bloodletting, guillotined beheadings, are the presupposition to the immortal principles of Liberal Democracy and the Third Estate: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

        Lest we forget!

        So much for John Stuart Mills “Harm Principle”. The French Terror is analogous to the Holocaust. In this case, gas chambers replaced the liberal guillotine, and authoritative Catholicism (as opposed to Jewry) was made the scapegoat of surreptitious tyranny. Hence the incentive for “enlightened” despots.

        Ironic. Right-wing, etymologically, means to defend, conserve, and preserve the prevalent social and political institutions of any given epoch. However, a Liberal merely defends those institutions which were destroyed by the Left a century beforehand, and thus cannot be deemed conservative (in the authoritative sense of a De Maistre or Donoso Cortes).

        You yourself even call for “progressive reform” against those who would “take us backwards” – which is Left-wing in nature. Not conservative.


        Regarding the theology of the free market… Incidentally, all art, literature, and human development, are reduced to economic abstractions. Marx reduced Western culture (in its pre-natal stage of development, to paraphrase Spengler) to the perpetual struggle of social classes. All history, all art, all culture, according to Marx, are factors of economic development. Therefore, what’s the difference in ideological Weltanschauung between the psuedo left and right dichotomy?

  5. Tradition says:

    Homo economicus as the ‘be all and end all”?

    I can’t believe that either National or Act dare call themselves “Right-wing”.

    What a joke.

  6. Tradition says:

    Regarding Mills “Harm Principle” – how does that apply to the Italian Mafia or the P2 lodge?

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