Romney leads Obama for the first time in Economist poll

The Veteran notes over at No Minister that, with Newt Gingrich out of the race, Mitt Romney is left with no rivals for the GOP nomination.

He also observes that Romney is starting from behind as both Intrade and iPredict indicate.

The most recent Economist YouGov poll, however, has Romney leading Obama 47-46, which is a fairly sizable shift from recent YouGov polls, which have tended to have Obama ahead by 5 points or so.

It could be a rogue poll, but at least it livens things up a bit.


4 comments on “Romney leads Obama for the first time in Economist poll

  1. Errrrrr, there is still a rival…..a big one.

  2. Good point. I forgot Ron Paul. Oops. Is he a big rival, though? Really?

    • YES!!!! Though you won’t hear about it if you use the MSM as your only sources. Twitter is actually the best source as his supporters update the delegate count as it comes in. The actual delegate count is being played close to the campaigns chest, but suffice to say it is a lot higher than the projected “90” delegates. Some of these delegates also come out of Romney’s projected total. Unless Romney gets to the 1150ish delegates required to win in the first round, then Ron Paul is a serious contender.

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